Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Prayer Plans

We would like to get together more for prayer. There are two things we'd like to do:

1) start a prayer gathering sometime mid-week.

This would probably need to be on some day, between Monday and Friday (but not Wednesday), after 1PM SLT (and maybe as late as 3PM), or else during lunch break US time.

I've already had some people tell me times they can come on a notecard, but not everyone wrote their names next to those times. If you can make it to the Bible study this Saturday, please let me know then which days / times you'd be able to come

Please be in prayer about this new development - for discernment for the group, Able, and myself.

2) help people in getting together in prayer triplets or quadruplets

You can get to know people more deeply, share more specific / personal things, and grow spiritually better if you are in a small group of 3-4 people that meets weekly to discuss how things have been going, and pray for one another.

Please pray about this as well and consider whether you'd like to be part of a prayer triplet.