Friday, March 20, 2009

Prayer requests March 15

Sorry for taking so long to get these up, I forgot! Most of you will have gotten them already on the notecard.

Able: Thanksgiving to God for answered prayer, and healing from difficult past experiences.

Saskia: That God would guard and protect her especially over the next 5 weeks, and that she might be hedged around by angels with Christ at her side.

Loo: For her to know God's closeness, guidance and blessing and that she might be led to a place of peace and blessing.

ZoeRose: I ask prayers for my sister who is looking to get full custody of her son.

Zenia: Thank you Lord for this day and all thease good people to gather together in your name and with your word to give us strength to be reminded each day and Night you are Rightous and watching over us; For the land Owner here to allow us to come back even though she is a Non Believer ;-)

Joyous: for my rl church as we go through a visioning process that we may be led in God's way. for myself, guidance in what I should be doing wiith my life

Wilf: That I will calmly be obedient to what God wants of me.

Baeric: That the letter of acceptance to uni comes through

Allie: for my family for Nathan and Joel two young men I know who are off for a 6 month mission.... for me to accept grace

Joycelyn: that I am working again oon and have strengthened me enough to go forward and live/grow life again - also please pray for the health of Joycelyn's mom

Helene: I ask for peace as Monday approaches and on the day. I would like the grace to receive the news of whether the diocesan interviewers have said yes or no.