Monday, March 9, 2009

Psalm 1

This Saturday we'll be reading and studying Psalm 1 together.

I'll be posting some resources here; if you have some of your own, feel free to post them.

Music-related (either music, or material by musicians - not all equally talented):

We were especially blessed to have Zenia Underwood with us singing Psalm 1. What a blessing to have someone who's set this piece to her own music help us praise God! Here is a youtube video of her singing it at Church of the Living God.

A lot of these links look very "home-made" & quite amateurish - especially the kids doing the rap, and the couple singing this psalm. I actually kind of like that - ordinary people bringing to God their praise, and letting this psalm inspire them.

Some nuns singing this psalm at Bigorski Monastery

Soul-junk singing Psalm 1 - This is a link to a part of a radio program - link will "buffer" up to the Soul-junk song - and then continue to play the radio program. I can't really speak for the radio program itself, since I haven't listened to it - guy starts out talking about not really enjoying Catholic church as a kid. Oh well. I didn't always enjoy protestant church as a kid. But the Soul-junk rendition is worth hearing - kinda folksy - these people have apparently done a lot of the psalms (guy claims they've done them ALL).

A setting by Thomas Tallis
- Note, only the first bit - before the first pause - is from Psalm 1. The whole piece is just a collection of tunes from various psalms - the choir here sings with only short pauses - doesn't help the clarity.

Video of a devotional on Psalm 1 by a guy from the Casting Crowns - I think actually one of our members knows someone who knows this guy - the Casting Crowns are, I believe, one of the most popular Christan bands at the moment, and apparently they also teach the Bible. Very cool combo. I hear that they have pretty cool bands that open for them, too. Here's part two and part three. It sounds like Psalm 1 is one of the favorite Psalms of these guys and that it's inspired them a lot.

A setting by Krzesimir Debski
- contemporary classical, choir & orchestra - reminds me of Francis Poulenc but more grungey - I won't be buying the CD.

Some brightly-clad women dancing some kind of Israeli dance to an Israeli setting of this psalm

A woman (Kim Hill) singing this accompanied by a plunkey-sounding synthesizer

Rastafarian version of Psalm 1 - Prince Far I

Dude with a funny way of wearing a bandana

Kids doing a rap with this psalm in the background

A guy & his wife singing this ... wife looks like she might not have been such a willing recruit for singing in front of the camera - still, nice they can praise God together.


Joyous said...

The song that this Psalm brings to my mind is the old sit-in protest song, formerly a spiritual, "We shall not be moved":
We shall not, we shall not be moved,
We shall not, we shall not be moved,
Just like tree that's standing by the water,
We shall not be moved.

It was a union organizing song that first got my attention as a desegregation song. "We're black and white together, we shall not be moved" with whatever lyrics fit the situation, "Our government his behind us...", "Here comes a policeman..." I remember it also as an anti-war sit-in song in the Vietnam War days. We shall not be moved.

This morning I found a quite lovely version done by New Orleans musicians in response to the Katrina difficulties. They've got a nice history of the song as well as videos you should watch.

(OK, maybe it's Jeremiah 17:8 that the song is based on, but this psalm brings it to mind as well.)