Saturday, January 24, 2009

Prayer requests Jan 24 2000

Helene: my interviews (discernment process for ordination), my journey in general, Phil's health

Joycelyn: for work, have a job I've applied for, would really like your support in prayer for it, mom's health, and me growing a circle of honorouble persons who will standy by me in my hour of need shoudl it arise again.

Able: wisdom

Irene: I just found out that I am likely going to have to leave my current school and move to another position. I have some options and I want to take the one that will be the one God would have me choose. Please pray that I will hear the Holy Spirit clearly and that I won't choose what I think is best but what He does.

Saskia: youth work in my community

Joyous: for my friend, Chris, whose mother died recently. Chris has been providing care for her mother, and her father can be difficult for her to deal with. That I can provide support to Chris. Beyond that, discernment of what I should be doing

Wilf: That I follow God's leading obediently