Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Lord's Supper

Dear all

I promised I would try and find an mp3 teaching session about the Lord's supper at the last study. I struggled to find the file location, but I am glad to say you can now download this from the following URL:

Yacov and his family used to be regular worshippers at a Pentecostal / AOG church that Emma and I went to many years ago and he has a worldwide teaching ministry through Moriel.

Yavoc is a messianic Jew, and whilst he has quite a unique style I know that God has used him in many many ways, and continues to do so.

Not sure if it is obvious but I am fascinated by Jewish life and culture, particulary bearing in mind how we seem to have 'Westernised' the Bible. There is so often an emphasis on 'what does it mean for us today' rather than 'what did this mean then'!!

Anyway, the recording quality is not the best but certainly worth a listen.

Enjoy (and there are some other sermons too!)

God bless