Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prayers for week of June 27

Irene -- For my relationship with my friend.

Rhianwen -- For all who were at Zoe and Justin's weddoimng today and Sam and Monica's last week
That those who came for a party heard the Good News and will remember it.

Kerry -- pray that I will do what God thinks is right, not what I think in regard to this friend. And that God will give this man wisdom.

ZoeRose -- Prayers for my dad, now in his 70s and going through some tests. That he'll be healthy

Able -- For my mum that the results of medical tests she is having are positive. Secondly that God might really speak to her at the service a week tomorrow. (ie. Able's ordination.)

Joyous -- For discernment in what I should be doing when I retire.

Wilfried -- for guidance and for obedience

Ruby -- strength and faith in God; also must speak at a rather large event and is nervous.

Thanks, Joyous, for noting them down!