Saturday, May 9, 2009

Prayer requests for May 9

Helene: big decision to make regarding work need a lot of wisdom.

Saskia: lnsplratlon for my asslgnments.
wlsdom regardng a few matters

Liliana : keeping my spirits up
have an open sore from the burns on my neck that is giving me a lot of trouble.

Able:been to a meetlng at college meeting concerns a friend pray that God's will might be done, and that somehow, whatever the outcome, it might be turned to his glory.

Joyous: for my friend Chris. She had been providing care for her elderly mother, who recently died. And now she is caring for her father, with whom she has a difficult hisory.

Charlie: - for Margarita's counselling, and for our friendship.

Rhlanwen: for three firends who are enduring and ask that they be sustained by an awareness of the presence of Jesus.

Wilf: that God helps me focus on what I need to focus on in this coming week