Monday, April 27, 2009

twibe post

This post is not mainly for people involved in the Bible study (unless they're interested in thinking further about online ministry). For people in the Bible study who have a twitter prayer profile - if you add this, please add it to your non-prayer profile & not your profile intended for prayer.

There are many involved in doing some kind of online ministry, and many church media people writing about the tremendous potential - or danger - of online community - but there are relatively few who are actually doing online ministry, and also writing about the many aspects of online ministry. Those of us who are involved in online ministry have a great deal to learn from one another. I would like to encourage those who are active in online ministry to write about what they are doing, and also profit from the insights of others who are engaged in this unique type of ministry. Myself, and others involved with the Anglican Ecumenical Bible Study in Second Life, will from time to time post our thoughts and insights here.

For twitter users who regularly think about online ministry and are interested in sharing their thoughts and finds - especially pieces reflecting on the topic of online ministry - I've created a "twibe" -

Basically this is a kind of "twitter group." You know how your twitter page is flooded with people's updates about heading off to pick up the kids ... etc.. etc.. - there will be tweets you've missed about online ministry that you'd rather not have missed, just because of the flood of tweets from people you are following.

This "twibe" is basically a filter - it shows all the posts of all the people who have joined, and have added the tag #OnlineMinistry to their post. No hashtag required (so you can also just use the word OnlineMinistry, without any space). If you join, you can share your findings about online ministry by just putting the word OnlineMinistry somewhere in the post - and anyone can go to this page to see what's been posted.

Part of what we need to be doing as Christian communities is acting intentionally - helping one another focus. I hope this helps.

Please note: this is not meant for recruiting people to come to your own online ministry - like, "we have an online Bible study going on now come and join" type of tweet. For this type of tweet, if you join the OnlineMinistry twibe, please don't add the word OnlineMinistry to your tweet - otherwise the twibe will be mostly full of tweets asking people to come to online Bible studies.