Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring break this Saturday

Hi All,

This Saturday, April 25, I'm off to sing for zie Germans - concerts in Hannover and some other German city whose name I've forgotten.

Anyways, we'll have a hiatus - this week, and perhaps next week, when I'll be singing in Antwerp. I will miss you all very much!

I wish you all a good weekend.

For prayer requests, please send them to me in a FB message and I'll post them to the group.


In case you're interested in what we're singing:

We'll be singing Mendelssohn's Paulus - you can hear it here - - click on the "More from krelena2009" to hear the other parts (it's LOONG). And you can watch it without having to pay 20€ !

Notice how it begins with the theme of "Wachet auf," which we discussed a few weeks - music which goes with the parable of the 10 virgins - "Wake up, cries the watchman, high on the city walls - Wake up, o city of Jerusalem." I believe this was quite important for the reformation. Mendelssohn also wrote a "Reformation Symphony" (with the tune you'll know as A Mighty Fortress, "Ein Feste Burcht" written by Luther). In this oratorio you'll also hear some tunes that sound inspired by Bach's St. Matthew Passion. Mendelssohn is on of the most important figures in bringing Bach into popular musical taste. He perfomed the St. Matthew Passion for the first time since Bach's death.

Mendelssohn was from a family of converted Jews. His grandfather is one of the most important Englightenment philosophers and Jewish reformers - Moses Mendelssohn - while his parents were Lutheran.

Hopefully we'll sound quite a bit better than these people - our conductor puts quite some cojones into our performances.