Saturday, February 21, 2009

Prayer requests 22 February

Dracona - a friend of mine Carol in Florida... is in hospital with a tumour and needs strength and healing and ask for clarity, wisdom, and willingness to finish my studies

Baeric - applied to Leeds Uni for a masters degree, and so I am looking to get financail aid for that...that the aid is ready and able to come is my request. To study CyberLaw

for Liliana. For God's closeness and healing presence.

Able - That God would open the eyes of my heart and bless me with wisdom

Sas - for constancy of hope and peace

Irene - Continue to lift up Phyllis and Joe - he is not doing well. And please keep me lifted up for peace and not giving in to the stress of the moment.

Joycelyn - Guidance, purpose, healing and strength as well as work yesterday!

Joyous - Guidance in what directions should be taking in life as it unfolds.

Wilfried - Guidance, strength, obedience ... help getting my "life" together

Helene - peace while waiting for decision regarding next step in ministry