Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prayer requests, 22 November

Wilfried: Thanksgiving for all God has done for me; and for Him keeping me in the next difficult weeks
Helene: I would llike have support to get through the next few weeks and my commitments
Irene: Please pray that our family make the right group decision for our living arrangements.
Saskia: God is askin to do certain things which im gonna find hard to do so really i need to be able to step out in faith and know that God will be there with me
Allie: Please pray that I continue to move forward at work and get things done.


Ailsa Wright said...

Thank you for your prayers. I woke today with the outline structure of my assignment in my head which is very encouraging. All I need is a few undisturbed hours to type it up.

I may be a perfectionist, Wilf, but it's easing as time goes on. I just want to survive this and get out the other side. I'm happy to do enough to pass.

Wilf said...

So happy to hear that Ailsa ;) Especially the bit about the perfectionist bug. God bless.

Ailsa Wright said...

I can now report that I have finished the assignment. I am sure there is a great deal more I could have done, but I'm happy with it, I'm sure it will pass and I'm really not worried about the mark.

This means I am now free of counselling assignments for the first time in three years. I've completed 5 courses which has meant 480 teaching hours and goodness knows how many study hours. I have a good report from my counselling supervisor, I have done the practical hours I need. So after this weekend I am a Diploma level counsellor. Yay!