Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prayer requests, 16 November

Wilf: thanksgiving for good friends and their support; for all God has done in the last weeks; also for guidance, and perseverance in the coming week
Joyous: for the young people of the Diocese of Michigan and the Diocese of Eastern Michigan at this weeKend's Happening event, that they will experience the Spirit of the Lord and build their lives around God's love
Allie: For Evelyn from work that she won't be lonely without ther daughters at home.
Helene: pray for Jacky who is not expected to live, and for her daughters Chrissy and Gemma and husband Kevin
Able: a prayer of heartfelt thanks, God has been healing some aspects of my life in quite an incredible way
Irene: Prayer for those in California whose homes and very lives are in jeopardy from the wildfires. Some of these folks are probably from SL - and one of my Tiny friends has fire on three sides of her right now.
Loo: Wisdom, discernment and encouragement