Friday, October 17, 2008

Prayer requests for week of Oct. 19

Wilf - strength for doing something difficult
Kay - divine efficiency in getting organized
Irene - wisdom for her physicians, and wisdom for herself about her decision regarding surgery
Able - Development of prophetic gifting within him and visionary leadership
Joyous - wisdom for today and also for what she will be doing after retirement; also blessings for a newly ordained priest
Loo - wisdom and provision for her ministry and future ministry
Arundel - wisdom and strength in dealing with the situation she's in now

Feel free to leave prayer requests in comments under this thread.

When you have time this week, please keep these prayer requests in mind ;)


Wilf said...

Thanksgiving for a very good job/prospective client interview

wilf said...

Well ... didn't pan out, guy's partner didn't like the idea.

Please keep me in prayer for work!