Monday, June 8, 2009

Prayer requests 6 May 2009

Joyous: Facing a decision regarding whether to take early retirement. That she would clearly know what she should do over the offer she had at work to retire. If she accepts it, she would also like clear guidance about what direction she should take with her life.

Ruby: Friend Joanne took an overdose early Friday morning. Pray for Ruby for strength, wisdom. She feels empty and stressed. Ruby's church is up for sale and they have an opportunity to buy the building, but they need to raise circa £30k to do so by this Wednesday

Irene: I need direction about my job. I want to do what God wants me to. I am having trouble letting go of some hurt and anger I feel at work.

Able: For good endings, closure and new beginnings all with God at the centre - and that God would restore my soul. That God might speak to this person in SL who was character assassinated in a Christian group.

Helene: I need to use the next three months well to establish a good routine, in case I am recommended to start training at theological college

JulieAnnRose Serenity: for Samantha who is a satanist - for her salvation

Rhianwen: Thank you for answered prayer re technical things and that they will keep going

Wilfried: For peace, wisdom, and obedience