Saturday, April 18, 2009

Prayer requests April 18

Liliana: About half way done with the radiation and am tolerating it well. Biggest negative I'm feeling is being tired most the time. It will go away after treatment is over. Only prayer I can think of for me is to keep hanging in and as I get treatment, receive all the blessings that God is raining down on me.

Able: Moving in circa two months with so much to do between now and then. For God to help me work through everything I need to do

Helene: For God's guidance as I continue to work on my paper about SL ministry.

Irene: For the candidates and team on Sabine Creek Tres Dias that the Lord will be glorified in everything that is said and done. Also rejoicing in the continued healing of Joe.

Rhianwen: Thanks for the continued healing of Janice. For her computers improvement.

NewCreature Writer: Prayers for his parents, they don´t know Jesus yet, i have been praying for about 11 years. Anyway, pray to God touch their hearts and minds

Wilf: Pray for a friend and his family - his wife and both of his sons are either sick or wounded

Saskia: Pray for my Job, im gettin so much grief at work from my boss, and for tuesday i have somethin i have to do but not lookin forward to it, and guidence in everything really