Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prayer requests March 21

Irene: Thanksgiving and praise for Joe's continued healing. Family relationships need to be healed in my own family.

Helene: or wisdom and guidance as I put together the report the DDO wants me to do before I can go further on my journey. That I might bring glory to God through this paper.

Jacques: Darcy, a friend in rl and in sl who has a problem with the bottle,

Wilfried: for strength in a very tough week working out financials and work, extra prayers next few days please ;)

Able: for a friend of mine whose curacy 'package' is still up in the air - made complicated by a part time curacy / secular posting

Joycelyn: Thanksgiving and praise for mom's rapid recovery and helping her to accept her need to use a walker full time and for my healing too :)). and with everything falling into place nicely so sure work will be soon too .

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