Sunday, March 29, 2009

Prayer requests 28 March

A very special, urgent prayer request from Irene - please keep this particularly in mind:

My oldest and dearest friend called...her 33 year old Nephew was discovered dead this morning - heart problems. His wife found him slumped over the comptuer keyboard this morning - please pray for safe travel for the family heading to New Mexico- leaves a wife and a little girl. Zoe (the little girl) will be 7 in June..

Please pray for Dan and Vicky (the parents) and the mother-in-law (Vicki)

Able: For restoration after a busy and demanding term, that I might find space to retreat and be alone with God that I might drink deeply of those streams of living water. (Psalm 23)

Saskia: For guidance and strength, and ability to remember James 1:19 ( be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger; for your anger does not produce God’s righteousness.), for blessing and affirmation in youth work. Also for her friend who has recently been a victim of domestic violence.

Wilf: For God to continue to lift him from apathy and energise him to be, and then to do and to lead him into all blessing

Charlie: Courage to keep his new AV shape that is more in line with RL

Loo: For endurance and sustaining in an extremely hectic schedule

Helene: For guidance and good time management as I prepare my report for the Director of Ordinands. For a time of learning and growing in the months before the selection conference.

Joyous: guidance and peace

Irene: Continued healing for Joe and rejoicing in his continued recovery; prayers for Irene's daughter, Katie, who has had a horrible reaction to something undetermined and is swollen up all over and under the Dr.'s care.

Liliana: Starting radiation monday - for the treatment to only do what it is intended and for no ill effects

Baeric: That funding would be release to cover every aspect of his doing a masters degree in September 2009 to september 2010

Joycelyn: praise to God for helping mom heal and lift her spirits too; for my brother to find peace in his own heart and stop yelling and controlling, demanding of others instead of focusing on improving his own life; for me to have work and soon

Rhianwen: For continued recovery of Rhianwen's friend

Adam: For his brother in laws' family - general well being ...he is fighting cancer right now