Sunday, February 8, 2009

Prayer requests week of Feb 8, 2009

Note: please pray * especially * for Adam and Charlie this week.

Adam: pray for his family; his brother-in-law was just diagnosed with leukemia and the family is struggling with this.

Charlie: Please Pray for me as Margarita and I are going through a rough time as we re-assess our relationship. She just wants to be friends, So I am feeling a great loss of love.

Able: Focus in working through current commitments and space to come before God with things I feel burdened by

a) That she would know that the present direction she believes God is leading her in is right, and that she will be doing what God wants her to do

b) That she might know the right course to begin in September, and in that it will fit around family commitments and that funding / support might become available

c) A return to focus in spirituality / devotions

Joycelyn: would very much like to be working full time, and thankful that all SL is helping me with. thanks for mom's helath improving too

Joyous: Guidance on where I should be putting my time and energies.

Helene: Peace as I wait for the next interview. An acceptance of God's will.

Irene: Not sure how to phrase my request. I had words with my daughter and would like swift reconcilliation. And a blessing on our little business that it might not become a source of contention within the family.

Wilf: Peace, focus, freedom from anxiety to get work & other things done - is quite crucial.