Thursday, December 25, 2008

Urgent prayer requests

- Helene's husband has been admitted to hospital with an urgently serious heart problem. Helene's family is already distressed with her daughter, who may have grave health problems because of someone else's mistake; and Helene has been very stressy / busy and this comes at a very bad time. Please pray for Helene and her family.

- Joycelyn is in very urgent need of God's help. There is a major argument and misunderstanding underway which could mean for her a major life change and the loss of all stability and comfort she now has. Please pray that God will provide and that he will also give Joycelyn peace.

- Wilfried's friend is faced with the possibility that he may be the father of an unborn baby, whose mother has been exceedingly abusive in the past to him; it seems like there is very little hope for this child if his friend does not take on this responsibility. However, the mother in that case may be inclined to use the baby's well-being as a bargaining chip, as she seems to be doing now in threatening to abort if certain demands are not met, and has used her own well-being as a bargaining chip in the past. It may be best for him to agree to help raise the child with the mother; it may be best for him to relinquish all right and responsibility so the mother has a better chance at raising the baby without using the baby's well-being to make him comply with what she wishes. Both options seem to be fraught with grave danger to the unborn baby.