Sunday, November 2, 2008

Prayer requests for week of Nov. 1, All Saints Day

Plant: prayer for ones in fellowship that prayer would be come more a two way street and hearing would be more vital than speaking

Irene: I would like prayers for my grandson and his situation in school. He has a brain injury - and because he LOOKS ok, his school won't make accomodations for him to help him acquire the skills necessary to accomplish his studies - his intelligence isn't interfered with - but his ability to deliver homework, etc. is. And I am pretty frustrated by their unwillingness to deal compassionately with the child or his family.

Joyous: for wisdom & discernment for her coming work on the selection committee for ordinations: and for fair elections, and peace afterwards

Able: strength wisdom and faith

Wilfried: wisdom, obedience, and strength for an exceedingly difficult time ahead


Wilf said...

Helene has the following request:

Our daughter has asked for prayer for Jacky who is her friend Chrissy's mum.

Jacky was in hospital over the weekend and not given antibiotics. She now has lung, heart and kidney failure and is in intensive care. She is very septic according to Zoe and it sounds very serious indeed.

Chrissy also has the added stress of her new husband Steve facing an operation in the next couple of days.

Please hold this family in your prayers.

Wilf said...

Ulfilas requests:
We are holding our last "Reunited" youth event on Saturday, looking at the theme of Israel/Palestine please pray that it goes well and there is no fallout from looking at such a contraversial issue!

Ailsa Wright said...

Jacky is holding her own in intensive care on a ventilator. The precise infection type is not yet known.

Chrissy's husband Steve had an operation for a kidney stone but the op went wrong and the stone is more firmly lodged as a result. He faces sound wave treatment and if that fails, a major operation. Chrissy is feeling drained by it all.

Ailsa Wright said...

Jacky, whom I asked for prayers for, has been fighting for her life in intensive care for the past fortnight. The latest update I have is that she is very, very poorly and not expected to survive. Please pray for the whole family. Chrissy is the one I know – she graduated with our daughter Zoe. She has a sister Gemma and her father is Kevin. Chrissy is naturally very upset and is not eating. I have no doubt the other members of the family are also distraught. Jacky will only be in her early 40s.

Thank you for your prayers.