Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Other interesting stuff

Here's a post containing some things good for inspiration / education I've found, not necessarily about what we're currently reading, that I'd like to recommend; feel free to post more things in the comments if you'd like to add.

Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry has an excellent video of some of its professors lecturing on various topics from its "Seminarian for a Day" event. The first two are on Christian ethics, and Biblical interpretation - both well worth seeing. The video is very long - nearly four hours. Link to video

Loads of N.T. Wright stuff: N.T. Wright Page

Tim Keller stuff
Tim Keller is an amazing guy (wikipedia article) - brilliant mind, but nonetheless very un-stuffy, and also passionate about urban ministry - planted the Redeemer Church in New York, largely by talking to young professionals - and has since helped plant 100+ other churches of different denominations. It's interesting just to watch the guy move intellectually when he takes questions from people in the apologetics videos - forthright and honest, but still humble and loving. An excellent example for Christians in answering difficult spiritual questions about faith from unbelievers.
- check out especially his sermon "Gospel Centered Ministry" (an exposition of I Peter 1, which he turns back to in many of his other sermons & other writings - seems a foundational passage for him - he describes it as a "doxology" containing a number of important points for ministry)
- check out, also especially, his two videos on apologetics - one presented at the Googleplex for google employees at "Google Books," the other at the Veritas Seminar at Berkeley. He's done a lot of thought and reading on apologetics - which is an increasingly important field in Christian ministry - and has obviously done his reading in philosophy as well. Jump directly to this stuff if you're "more intellectually minded." Belief in an Age of Skepticism (Veritas Seminar) and the Google Books session.
- Tim Keller has a discussion with Piper and Carson inside of what looks like a tent made out of hefty bags. Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6. Note: on facebook, the "previous" & "next" links aren't in the right order.
- a page with lots of other Tim Keller stuff
- the youtube page of the Gospel Coalition (he's one of the GC guys)