Sunday, October 19, 2008

Comments / suggestions on the Bible study itself

This is a post to allow for comments on the Bible study itself. The idea is simply to leave comments here under this post. Wilfried and Able will check this post from time to time for new comments; you may want to remind us to do so as well if you've posted a comment here.

Please take care in posting comments - I mention this since internet postings are rather famous for including ventings and messages which end up going far beyond the intent of the original poster. If you're very unhappy, or even angry, take a moment to pray or ask yourself if it's a good time to post. In that case, it might even be more appropriate for you to bring up your concern personally rather than in a comment which is publicly visible to anyone who happens along this site.

However, do keep in mind that we do want to know what you think about this study, its format, and what we could do better. So please don't be too reluctant to post here, or to talk to Wilfried or Able about how things are going.


AE admin said...

This week we introduced a new style of "moderation," asking people, when they have something to say, to indicate this in chat by just typing an asterisk (*). The idea was to let people who aren't so quick to respond, have a way of indicating that they would like to say something.

This had mixed results, I felt. I do think that everyone who felt called upon to say something had the opportunity to speak. However, it seemed to me that there was less of a natural dialog taking place. As someone talked, people would think of things to say and then indicate they wanted to speak. However, there may have been interesting points made in what had been said, that could be further engaged, questions asked, etc. etc.. Instead, we seemed more to be encouraging a number of atomistic statements - all very good, but not always so inter-related, responding to one another, or having the character of dialogue.

My suggestion:
That we don't always use an asterisk when we want to say something - that normally, we just try to "naturally" to let things go, and use an asterisk rather if we've been either waiting a while, or feel that what we have to say is quite important or good for the context.

Another idea:
That we make more of a habit of, when someone is speaking, thinking also of questions to ask them, or think of dialogical interjections, and say these things in chat.

This might help the medium. Moving from one speaking person to another speaking person seems more artificial in SL than it is in RL. This way we can allow someone to speak, and also engage them with questions or remarks, without breaking the flow.

charlie said...

Not sure where to post comments that are not about the Bible Study itself. But I would like to know who writes some of the excelent articles on this web site and just reading "Posted by Anglican Ecumenical Bible Study in Second Life" is not very helpful. Could you please state who writes each article unless the author has specifically asked to remain anonomouse! (Ok, so I can't spell LOL) I have found some information here very encouraging. Thanks. Didnt realize there was a web site. Dont hide your lights under a bushel! God Bless You All!