Saturday, October 4, 2008

Welcome to the Ecumenical Bible Study with an Anglican Flavour

This is a Bible Study in Second Life. It's ecumenical - with contributions from people from a variety of church and theological backgrounds. But it's conducted in a way that is somewhat typically Anglican: we aim not only to study and understand the Bible, but also to praise and respect God as the Spirit guides us and inspires us in opening God's word together.

These aren't separate goals - the study itself, when conducted joyfully and in full awareness of God's presence, is also an act of worship.

Our Bible Study is a bit more intense than you will typically find in Second Life Bible Studies. We're selective in who takes part - trying to maintain a group that functions well together - we ask people to read the passages we're studying beforehand - and we encourage people to make of the study a serious commitment, and come regularly. We also aim to be a small community of faith, getting to know one another, and upholding one another in prayer.

At the moment, we are studying the book of James.

The leaders, Wilfried Ansome and Able Shepherd, are strongly committed to scriptural authority. In the study, we emphasize a sympathetic reading of scripture. However, you don't necessarily have to have the same views of scriptural authority, or even a faith in Christ or the Bible, in order to participate.

We welcome skeptical, even very pointed questions, about the text we are studying, and its underlying assumptions, as long as we feel these questions will keep us "on track."

Staying "on track" is very important to us. Though the study is very open, it is indeed moderated, and we do indeed try to redirect things when we believe things aren't staying on-track or are leading in unfruitful directions. If you participate, please expect this kind of moderation, and please don't be offended if we suggest that we move on in a different direction.

Those interested in joining can contact Wilfried Ansome or Able Shepherd.

Thanks for you interest in the Anglican Ecumenical Bible Study.


Mark Brown said...

This Bible Study is an excellent initiative and I want to thank Wilf and Able for their vision and Leadership.

God bless,

Rev Mark Brown

AE admin said...


Thanks so much for your kind words. They are very much appreciated.